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Wyoming ! Get 30 Days of Rapid Body Transformation, Plus FREE Gloves… For Just $49! (Regular: $99).

“I can’t believe the difference.” Our amazing Fitness Kickboxing program gets you FIT, FAST. Try us out now risk-free and discover why Wyoming can’t stop raving about their fast results… and how much FUN they’re having at the same time.
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FREE Gloves! $35 Value

Totally sweaty when I left and feeling like I accomplished something!

Tina Chapman

“Get Fit Fast”

In fitness, there are two schools of thought: 1) Lift weights. 2) Get cardio. We say: “Why not both?”

Because your boxing gloves weigh 1 lb., every punch you throw is like lifting a light weight. But because you’re moving and grooving for the entire session – you get great cardio too.

You get amazing results. Fast.


It’s More Than
Punches & Kicks.
It’s a Way of Life.

As you set goals and achieve them… As you work hard and reap the rewards… Your confidence will soar. Your self-esteem will soar. Your enjoyment of life will soar.

That’s because while we push you to do your best – and support you every step of the way:

You are the one throwing every punch and every kick.

You are the one getting the results.

When you see what you’re capable of, how you see yourself will change too.

Seeing that transformation is our favorite thing about this program.


An Incredibly
Friendly, Supportive

People come to us for the results, and stay for the community.

You’ll make friends, cheer each other on, form bonds, and have a ton of fun as a result.

We focus. We work hard. But smiles and laughter are a big part of how we do things, too.


Always a blast

Annielee Mendoza

“I’m not in great shape –
can I do this?” Yes!

“I am in great shape – will this
be too easy?” No Way!

Here’s why...

Our classes have a great blend of beginners and advanced kickboxers.

EVERYONE gets the exact workout they need.

The energy here is high. We encourage you to push your boundaries and go fast and hard.

But you can always go at the pace you need to.

In fact, it’s one of the great things about kickboxing. You’re with a group, and you’re going through your own personal journey, at the same time.

You choose the intensity. You choose the pace. No one will ever judge you or make you feel bad about what you’re capable of now… because we know what you’ll be capable of in little time.

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Best Dojo around! Incredible staff that take you on your very own journey!

Shayna Sasseville

We love East Coast Karate. Definitely wouldn’t go anywhere else. Great workout with lots of fun and learning.

Kim Anderson

Kickboxing Class is SO MUCH FUN!

Shannon Collet

Love my ECK kickboxing family!!!

Colleen Abruzzese

Great classes! Thank you!! 1

Michelle Wood

Fantastic class, as always.

Alex Morgan

Awesome class tonight and every night!

Steve Martin

Awesome Classes. Lots of fun, Lots of sweat. Thanks.

Susan Goggin

Teacher's are enthusiastic and whole class supportive..fun challenging environment

Tracey Silvia

Wyoming ! Get 30 Days of Rapid Body Transformation, Plus FREE Gloves… For Just $49! (Regular: $99).

Warning: Offer Expires In...
FREE Gloves! $35 Value
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