Get one month of unlimited karate classes… For Just $99! Plus, sign up now and get a FREE Uniform! (A $35 Value!)

“I can’t believe the difference.” Our amazing kids martial arts program boosts your child’s focus, respect, confidence, and social skills… while they have FUN.
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FREE Uniform! $35 Value!

Professional, caring and most of all a ‘family’ home from home atmosphere instilling confidence, awareness and most of all discipline. Great job Tony and team!!


So Much More Than Punches & Kicks. Changes Lives.

Martial arts is not just martial arts. It’s a tool we use to help kids become leaders. Hundreds of Renton parents can’t believe the incredible transformation.

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We don’t have many rules here, but they’re very rigorously enforced. As a result, kids learn and develop strong, healthy boundaries. And boundaries are so essential to helping kids thrive.

Discipline and respect flourish within a few short weeks.

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Our classes are FUN. But they are also highly structured. This environment helps kids with focus issues THRIVE.

Fantastic dojo! Staff is wonderful with kids of all abilities. Great schedule. Highly recommended. Thank you!


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We have an amazing process for integrating shy kids with the group. At first, they will be uncomfortable (all shy kids are in new settings!). But so quickly you will see them making friends, laughing, and having a BLAST.

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Not all kids are born star athletes. That doesn’t mean they can’t become ones. Martial arts builds coordination, endurance, speed, and strength. Kids who hate team sports, because they’re not quite as athletic, thrive here.

Martial arts is a solo sport. You’re with a group — but it’s your own personal journey, so you can’t “let the team down.”

Prepares Your Child For Success In Life.

Black belts are 63% more likely to graduate college. Why? Discipline, focus, goal setting, and drive. Martial arts instills these incredible traits in your child, every time they come.

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Great workout, excellent instructors, and a rigorous ciriculum. Overall, great!


Kids enjoyed Saturday class! They want to keep coming on Saturday :) Thank you!


Dale & Terry teach a great class with core conditioning, along with music and laughter. Been going to Fairwood Martial Arts for over 20 years and hands down its my favorite place for a fun workout.


Truly a family atmosphere, very professional, caring and experienced dojo Sensei’s! We have just returned after a break of several years and its home from home! Thank you Tony and team!!


This is an amazing dojo. Supportive and encouraging! Our son is growing as a person not just as martial artist. Can not say enough good things about these people. Reasonably priced. We love this place


Fun learning experience. 5 stars.


Excellent martial arts program for all ages. Young kids to senior adults.


I love this place.. The employees are wonderful and so helpful on helping me reach my fitness goals...


This place is amazing hands down and hands up. I'm back after 20 years when I attended as a kid. Now 26, I'm ready for more. I can't say enough good things about this place.


Experience The Transformation. Get one month of unlimited karate classes… For Just $99! Plus, sign up now and get a FREE Uniform! (A $35 Value!)

Warning: Offer Expires In...
FREE Uniform! $35 Value!