Birthday Party Waiver

Every participant at a birthday party needs a waiver signed by a parent/guardian

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    In consideration for my attendance and participation in this academy's martial arts training, special event participation, or birthday party participation, I, the student/parent, acknowledge the existence of certain inherent risks in this type of training and hereby agree to assume all risks. I further relieve the academy, it's management, assigned staff, and fellow students, from any liability resulting from the personal injury or loss of personal belongings. I also hereby state that the students named above are physically fit to take the prescribed course of instruction and do so of their own free will.

    That said, each person attending events at the Black Belt Leadership Academy waives any claim for damages arising from his or her injury wherein it is clear that the acts or omissions of Side Kick, Inc. or any of its instructors are claimed to have been causally responsible therefore.


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